Mobility - Native Apps

Access iGoalZERO on any device with our native mobile app. Compatible with Apple (iOS), Android and Windows devices. iGoalZERO offers a code free app development platform. Create, modify apps and deploy them instantly. Apps & updates are automatically pushed to your users no compiling or waiting for app stores.


Fast access web application designed to be used on any device. iGoalZERO works on every device and every OS.

Enterprise - Class Security & Encryption

Full FIPS (140-2 or better) compliant encryption end to end including all database(s), files, & client server communications. Invisible 2 factor authentication. iGoalZERO is hosted on Amazon Web Services and is trusted by defense and government organizations. ISO 27001 compliance is a part of our overall focus on security.

Cloud Database

Unlimited storage of your data. Module and checklist data is stored securely and privately for each customer.

Offline Data Collection

Collect data in the most remote locations even without an Internet connection. Your forms will automatically save data locally and auto sync data when you reconnect to the Internet.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Ensure a seamless experience with single sign on capabilities. Users require a single set of credentials in order to access all areas of their iGoalZERO system.

Data Fields

Choose from over 20 different type of data fields to build modules and checklists. Examples are Text fields, Text Label, Number, Date, Time, Checkbox, Dropdown, Signature, Tiles, File Upload, GPS Locations, Tags, Text with Checkbox, Location Tree, Sketch, Counter, Sub forms, Calculations, Tables etc.

Module or Forms Builder

Create modules or forms with just a few quick clicks by dragging and dropping data fields. Any form that you have on paper or in another digital system can easily be built in iGoalZERO.

Checklist Builder

Build checklists by dragging and dropping fields. You can add any number of checklists to a module. Example: An inspection module can have the option of selecting from multiple checklists.

Audit Trail

Maintain a complete history of records created, modified, maintained, archived, retrieved or transmitted. Log the local date, time and user in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


You and your team can setup notifications for any record that you are allowed to view. Notifications include an email with the link to the record and/or a push notification on your iPhone / Android device. Once you click the notification the app takes you straight into the submitted record.


Customize workflow to route forms, reports and data. The iGoalZERO powerful “drag and drop” workflow feature enables you to make changes in minutes yourself. You can assign decision criteria as well as provide permissions to progress and edit records.


Actions can be automatically created and sent to workers based on specific conditions. iGoalZERO will even follow up on actions if they are not marked as complete. Includes corrective actions.

Sub Forms or Components

Sub forms or components can be created using component manager. These components can be used in any module and are very useful if a form has to be used repeatedly.

Dynamic Modules / Checklists Driven By Rules / Skip Logic

Configure your modules and checklists to automatically enforce compliance and safety checks, Present only relevant form questions to simplify data entry using hide and show rules. Utilize embedded formulas for scoring and advanced calculations.

Checklist Library

Build your own modules and checklists from scratch or import a pre-built checklist and make changes.

Language Translator

Tailor iGoalZERO to support multiple geographic locations. Configure the primary language of each location or division across your organization. Create apps in one language (ex: English) and have them automatically translated to other languages (ex: Spanish) making localization simple.

User Roles

A highly important feature that allows you to set unique attributes to anyone tagged with a user role.

Media Attachment

Integrate images or videos as part of the modules or checklists. This is particularly useful as part of knowledge transfer. Example: you can attach a short video of how to repair an equipment so that the technician can play the video prior to performing repairs.

Image Capture with Annotations & Drawings

Capture photos from your camera or photo library and auto associate them to GPS locations. Markup and annotate photos to identify and callout issues captured during your inspections. Capture full motion video and audio directly into your forms.

OCR Data Capture

Not able to enter data in the field due to intrinsically safe device issues or just time constraints? Just upload the image of the paper document and let our OCR reader read and collect the data.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures that work using a mouse or your fingertips (touch screen only). Apply a secondary password prompt for critical or high importance actions. Enable only permitted users to complete these actions and ensure accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


iGoalZERO is more than just a place to consolidate your data and run reports. iGoalZERO uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to read data, alert you to potential issues, and day to day changes in worker behavior. The iGoalZERO prediction algorithm can feed knowledge to the worker based on various conditions.

QR/Bar Code Scanner

iGoalZERO automatically assigns QR codes to employee profiles, asset profiles and modules. Scan the QR codes to quickly view an employee profile, view an assets status, or complete a record (inspections, audits etc.).


Assign one time or recurring inspections or tasks to members of your team. If the tasks are not done in a timely manner, then the system can provide automatic notifications and highlight the tasks as past due.

GPS Location

Select or auto capture location of task being performed using Google Maps. This feature is very helpful to locate crews in the field real time.

Enterprise System Integrations

Integrate with internal and 3rd party systems using our API services and workflow actions or deliver your forms and data. Built in integrations include Email, SFTP, HTTP, Power BI, Zapier and more.

Data Exporter in Excel

Export all reports and compliance data with a click of the button. Map the module fields to Excel columns, run macros and publish charts and tables with one click.

Data Import Tools

Map data from Excel spreadsheets directly to the fields within the iGoalZERO system and import. Import historical data or update data for existing records in the system. The system is used to create batch records. Example: Project vendor shop surveillance.

Output to your Own PDF & Word Reports

Map your existing PDF and Word templates directly to your iGoalZERO modules and have them automatically delivered to your destination of choice. Perfect for presentations or reporting legislative requirements, such as OHSA 300 (USA).

Buisness Insights & Dashboards

Create and save a report that queries any data field within the platform. This includes drilling right into sites, worker roles, date ranges, workflow progress, status and more. Saved reports automatically become a widget that can be placed on your dashboard.

World Class Support

YOUR SUCCESS MEANS EVERYTHING! Although we strive to make iGoalZERO completely self service, sometimes it helps to work with an expert. We're here to make your implementation as smooth as possible. We are available 24 hours 365 days.

White Labelling / Custom Branding

Setup iGoalZERO with your brand. Deploy your own Forms App with your logo and coloring to promote your own business.

Math Calculator

Calculation fields let you use other fields in a formula to derive a new number. Calculations can be simple or complex.

Conditional Logic

Make your smart forms smarter with conditional logic. Set up your form to show or hide form fields, send emails, and more — all based on how the user fills in your form.

BI Tools Integrator

iGoalZERO provides custom connectors to import data into your visualization tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Amazon QuickSight etc.