Incident Management

iGoalZERO Incident Management provides customers with a best practice methodology for managing incidents from incident occurrence to close out of the final corrective action and beyond.

Contractor Safety

iGoalZERO Contractor Safety Management software enables you to more efficiently manage contractors, ensure compliance with safety practices and reduce risk. With centralized data and document management, you can make informed decisions to maximize contractor engagements.

ISO 45001 Safety Management

ISO 45001 system for EHS can be put in place in order to prevent, predict, and reduce worker injury and claims. iGoalZERO helps companies achieve safer and more fulfilling workplaces all around the world.

Illness and Injury Reporting

iGoalZERO Illness and Injury Management facilitates the management of an injury or illness by reporting the initial condition, investigating the root cause, logging legal requirements, and follow up to ensure a reduced risk of recurrence.

Vehicle/Driver Safety

iGoalZERO Driver Safety Module manages driver qualifications, driver training and motor vehicle reports (MVRs).

Case Management

iGoalZERO Case Management eases the employee oversight burden regarding occupational and non occupational injuries, tracking work restrictions, and more.

Near Miss Reporting

iGoalZERO Near Miss Reporting helps forward looking organizations report, track, analyze, and address near misses so that incidents can be prevented. Near miss reporting is a key leading indicator for a successful safety program.


iGoalZERO Ergonomics software can help you implement a sustainable ergonomics program that delivers tangible results.

Claims Management

iGoalZERO Claims Management is a full-service application that allows organizations manage the full lifecycle of claims, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and visibility at each step.


iGoalZERO Inspection Management allows you to set up recurring inspections, track progress against a specific inspection task, assess inspection status, and create detailed reports all from a single system for maximum efficiency.

Safety Orientation

iGoalZERO Safety Orientation Module helps you in introducing and preparing new employees and contractors with essential workplace and job ready information concerning the organization, equipment, work areas, training and health and safety.

Industrial Hygiene

iGoalZERO Industrial Hygiene Management can manage all applicable industrial hygiene compliance requirements while simultaneously maximizing process efficiency, reducing organizational risk, and adding value.

Safety Audits

iGoalZERO Safety Audit Module allows you to ensure company wide compliance with all your regulatory and other requirements while saving time and effort.


iGoalZERO Bulletins Module enables you to create and publish tailored content organization wide or to specific audiences, and track interaction with key engagement metrics. The module is perfect for distributing toolbox safety material.

Asbestos Program

iGoalZERO cloud based Asbestos Management Module offers quick and secure access to asbestos data on the worksite. This enables multi facility organizations to track a wide range of asbestos information, databases, reports, and building level data.

Behavior Based Safety

iGoalZERO Behavior Based Safety (BBS) application facilitates the execution of a BBS program for any industry, job, and risk level.

Safety Meetings

iGoalZERO Safety Meeting Module allows you to schedule safety meetings and record, track, distribute and report important meeting information across your organization.

Predictive Safety

iGoalZERO Safety Predictor Module transforms safety and risk data into actionable insights that can create change, drive better decisions, create unfound savings, and protect the most sacred resource on the planet, people.

Safety Hazard Observations

iGoalZERO Safety Hazard Observations software supports simplified compliance with regulations while preserving a clear record of all activities, from assessment to mitigation of identified safety hazards.

Safety Engagement Score

Use iGoalZERO Safety Engagement Score Module to compare leading indicators, optimize your safety performance and help show how a strong safety program can benefit the business.

Document Control

Document Control centralizes document management across the complete lifecycle of your compliance and process documentation to reduce risk, streamline audits, and demonstrate effective governance.

Job Safety Analysis

iGoalZERO Job Safety Analysis lets you clearly understand and quantify risks for each step of a job to identify potentials issues, insert any number of acceptable controls, and ensure acceptable residual risk exposure levels to maximize your ability to maintain safe and steady operations.

Safety Reward Program

iGoalZERO Safety Reward Program Module provides workers with rewards for achieving certain goals related to the safety at a workplace. Prizes vary from cash, small souvenirs, certificates or visual recognitions such as monograms on the uniforms etc.

COVID 19 / Return to Work

iGoalZERO has created and curated a collection of valuable resources you need to Respond to COVID 19, Return to the workplace, and Reimagine your work environment as a whole.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

iGoalZERO Drug and Alcohol Testing Data Management System helps you to share data and information with labs, MROs and clients. Easily and securely manage personnel data, drug test results, workflow and information exchange. Generate random selections, random periodic testing for individuals, reports, billing and more.

Action Item Management

iGoalZERO Action Item Management Module increases accountability and improves operational efficiency. It consolidates action items and compliance tasks originating from incidents, audit findings, and compliance profiles to provide real time, enterprise wide visibility and enhanced trend analysis.

Learning from Incidents (LFI)

iGoalZERO Learning from Incidents(LFI) Module provides a platform to learn from past incidents before beginning a job. When workers enter the description of a task at hand, the system extracts past incidents that are relevent and short knowledge videos to ensure that workers learn and complete their work safely.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management Software monitors and records information about visitors and employees of a business or public building. Allow visitors to sign in using their personal smartphone, simply by scanning a secure QR code. Create custom questions with multiple choices to build a tailored questionnaire for each visitor group.

Air Emissions Compliance

iGoalZERO is a comprehensive cloud software solution that simplifies global compliance with emissions inventory, GHG reporting requirements, and major air emission source standards.

Compliance Task Management

iGoalZERO Compliance Task Management simplifies the establishment and maintenance of environmental regulations compliance. Automates the management, notification, tracking and documentation to ensure all tasks are complete.

ISO 14001

iGoalZERO ISO 14001 Environmental Management Module addresses the compliance requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. It allows your organization to easily manage, track and report your environmental metrics and processes within one unified solution across your organization.

Storm Water Management

The iGoalZERO Stormwater Module is a cost effective tool to comprehensively manage your site's stormwater compliance program. Easily maintain inventories and complete inspections of outfalls, pollutant sources, best management practices and catch basins.

Environmental Permits

iGoalZERO Permits Management houses all relevant information including the party granting the permit, limits, key dates, and tasks associated with individual permits, helping organizations at all complexity levels to efficiently and effectively ensure constant compliance.


iGoalZERO LDAR Module helps in cutting operating costs and reducing VOC emissions by implementing a leak detection and repair (LDAR) program.

Water Quality Management

iGoalZERO Water Quality Management Module allows users to centralize, manage, and meet all your water related compliance obligations while reducing risk of violations or dangerous discharges that pose a risk to your operations or the surrounding community.

Refrigerant Management

iGoalZERO Refrigerant Management Module encompasses refrigerant awareness and proper handling throughout the entire chain, from transport and storage to good servicing practices, recovery and recycling, and proper end of life disposal.


The iGoalZERO SPCC Module provides the tools needed to comprehensively and proactively manage oil storage containers/equipment and related discharge prevention system.

Waste Management

iGoalZERO Waste Management Module simplifies enterprise wide waste management with more efficient waste storage time tracking, manifesting, and reporting to ensure compliance with waste management regulations.

SDS Library

iGoalZERO SDS Library helps your sites easily track their approved chemical product inventory (chemical usage & constituent analysis) with associated Safety Data Sheets including GHS pictograms, precautionary & hazard codes with out of the box functionality to generate container and shipping labels.

TSCA PCB Management

The iGoalZERO TSCA PCB Management Module is used to track electrical equipment (such as transformers and capacitors) for the primary purpose of ensuring compliance with TSCA's Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) regulations.

Compliance Inspections

iGoalZERO allows you to quickly and efficiently schedule, complete and report on inspections from the field, the floor or anywhere in between. Easily create, complete and track regulatory inspections and audits with the iGoalZERO Software and Mobile Inspection App.

Environment Aspects and Impacts

iGoalZERO makes it easy to establish a procedure that identifies environmental aspects and impacts - which is a requirement to obtain an ISO 14001 certification. Centralize all of your aspects and impacts. Prioritize and subsequently mitigate risks. Boost visibility into operations at all levels.

Document Control

iGoalZERO Document Control Module simplifies document management across the entire lifecycle of your organization's EHSQ compliance efforts. It saves time and money by preventing errors, reducing risk and improving visibility while streamlining workflows and audits.

Action Item Management

iGoalZERO Action Item Management Module increases accountability and improves operational efficiency. It consolidates Action Items and compliance tasks originating from incidents, audit findings, and compliance profiles to provide real time, enterprise wide visibility and enhanced trend analysis.

Legal Requirements

Whether your company is mandated to comply with external regulations such as OSHA, EPA and RIDDOR, or is pursuing certifications from ISO or government, iGoalZERO Legal Requirements Module simplifies tracking and compliance, allowing your organization to be always audit ready from one centralized system of record.

Remediation & Environmental Liability Management

iGoalZERO is a comprehensive environmental software solution to manage multiple data streams throughout your environmental remediation projects and during subsequent operation and maintenance (O&M) of remediation treatment systems.

ESG Framework Management

Your organization, constituent investors, customers, suppliers, and the board need to manage the environmental, social, and governance impacts of the organization. iGoalZERO ESG simplifies the effort to manage both internal ESG initiatives and ESG supply chain initiatives.

Environmental Sustainability Management

Keeping on top of the data collection required for sustainability reporting is no easy task. iGoalZERO ESG's environmental sustainability management capabilities helps you manage assignments, translate data, and create reports for actionable insights at every level of the business.

Responsible Supply Chain Management

iGoalZERO ESG simplifies your Responsible Supply Chain risk management efforts. It automates the collection of supplier data to determine risk levels, administers socially responsible risk assessments of your supply chain, and reports on the impact suppliers have on sustainability performance.

Conflict Minerals Management

iGoalZERO Conflict Minerals Management offers a simple, cost effective way to manage supply chain, determine usage of Conflict Minerals, and create CMRT formatted reports and Form SD reports for SEC Dodd Frank filings.

AI Driven Reporting & Analytics

Benchmark against peers and monitor the impact of key ESG metrics on financial performance.

Investment Grade Data

Take advantage of a secure, single source of truth for your ESG database. Capture and collect traceable, auditable, and consistent data and documents in one secure place for better data quality and assurance.

Utility Expense Management

iGoalZERO Utility Data Tracking Module reveals opportunities, identifies trends, and helps you make confident strategic decisions backed by powerful analytics. Leverage iGoalZERO to control energy cost, identify anomalies, benchmark against other assets and inform decision making for energy efficiency initiatives.

Energy Management

iGoalZERO Energy Management Module helps reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Our solution encompasses each aspect of your corporate sustainability program from establishment of an energy/resource use through identifying & tracking conservation projects, to validation of goals and company wide performance.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our Greenhouse Gas application makes it easy to manage emission inventory and permit compliance programs such as GHGRP and LCFS, and it is fully integrated with compliance tracking, asset tracking, and automation modules, including remote sensing.

Water Management

Water security is becoming essential to tackling climate change and protecting the bottom line. iGoalZERO Water Management Module allows users to centralize, manage, and meet all your water consumption and recycle data.

Waste Management

iGoalZERO helps you track and monitor waste in the entire chain in real time, generating proof of reverse logistics and fostering circular economy. You can connect generators, transporters and final destinations to facilitate the exchange of reliable information.

Biodiversity and Land Use

iGoalZERO can be used to track data and actions regarding special status species, habitats, ecosystems, and cultural resources. Track mitigation and restoration actions of natural habitat at all of your operational locations. Manage procedures to protect, enhance, or restore land.

Employee Commute

iGoalZERO offers a comprehensive range of support tools for employee commuter programs. Administrators can take advantage of a long list of advanced data tracking and management options that help increase participation rates and improve program effectiveness.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Whether you're starting from scratch or well on your way, iGoalZERO helps you create a compliant plan of action that will make an impact. Our automated system asks questions about your business and gives you guidance to transform your diversity plan from aspirational to operational.

Audits and Assurance

ESG assurance is increasingly becoming a focus of global organizations. Investors, boards, employees, customers, and global society at large who have a surging interest in corporate sustainability and ethical business practices. iGoalZERO Audit Module allows you to ensure company wide compliance with ESG framework.

Process Safety Management

The iGoalZERO PSM tools simplify all management tasks associated with the fourteen elements of Process Safety Management from any device computer, tablet, or phone. The escalation process and automated reminders built into the tools ensures you don’t go out of compliance.

Management of Change

iGoalZERO Management of Change Module ensures effective change management across all company sites and locations. It delivers increased visibility across multiple groups and teams to reduce risk and identify potential hazards.

Enterprise Risk Register

iGoalZERO Enterprise Risk Register enables you to manage operational risk more effectively across your organization with robust profiling, analysis, and reporting capabilities.

Lockout Tagout and Try (LOTO)

iGoalZERO LOTO and Try Module helps you create and execute general or equipment specific LOTO procedures, track each time a machine is locked out, the lock out duration and auditing LOTO procedure. The LOTO dashboard helps you make sure there is compliance.

Process Hazard Analysis

iGoalZERO gives you a flexible, configurable framework that can be configured to support almost any type of hazard study, with support for workflows for HAZID, HAZOP, FMEA, JSAs and many others.

Emergency Planning and Response

iGoalZERO Emergency Preparedness and Response software helps you establish a virtual EOC where everything is centralized, organized, and instantly archived. It provides flexible checklists and a platform for team members to communicate with each other and the EOC.

AI Based Risk Analysis

iGoalZERO proprietary AI algorithms can perform automated risk analysis using past incident data and company risk matrix. The output predicts the probability of having an incident and its severity

Permit to Work

iGoalZERO Permit to Work Module delivers a single, shared view of the operational reality. It arms everyone with the right information at the right time so that they can make more informed, effective operational decisions. iGoalZERO solution combines information from permits, isolations, hazards, maintenance shifts, and SIMOPS.

Pre Startup Safety Review

iGoalZERO PSSR App helps organizations ensure unsafe conditions do not exist before a new or modified process or facility goes into operation using configurable, built in checklists, the ability to identify deficiencies and recommendations, and action item tracking to completion.

Fire Protection Inspection

iGoalZERO Fire Protection Inspection Module can help conduct fire inspections quickly and easily document the location and condition of alarms, detectors, switches, valves, pulls, etc.

Root Cause Analysis

iGoalZERO Root Cause Analysis Module reduces operational risk and improves process efficiency by analyzing incidents, discovering root causes, and then addressing the source of the problem to prevent their recurrence.

Risk Matrix Designer

iGoalZERO Risk Matrix Designer simplifies the tracking of specific operational risks, assessing their potential impacts, and implementing appropriate controls. It delivers a proven method to assess the potential enterprise risk exposure associated with operational activities such as compliance, safety, environmental, and management of change activities.

Security Management

iGoalZERO Security Management software streamlines key elements of corporate security management to help protect an organization's facilities, people and assets. Conduct facility risk assessments, review risk profiles, and engage with employees and industry professionals in security incident reporting and follow up processes.

Asset Management

iGoalZERO Asset Manager optimizes your organization's asset management plan to save time and money. Increase visibility by tracking movements of assets between locations and view asset service history and service status for vehicles, equipment and all types of operational infrastructure.

Operational Excellence Audits

iGoalZERO OE Audits Module helps you streamline Operational Excellence Audits, assign corrective actions, and increase compliance to company requirements. It also helps you benchmark findings and recommendations between sites within a company.

Equipment Inspections

iGoalZERO Mobile enables users complete inspections online or offline. It has integrated barcode and QR code technology to allow users to easily scan equipment and instantly download equipment data. You can generate custom inspection reports immediately after the inspections.

Mechanical Integrity

iGoalZERO Inspection Database Management System (IDMS), specializes in asset integrity, corrosion, and inspection data management. It is a comprehensive mechanical integrity data management software that was developed specifically for process industries and equipment.

Shutdown, Turnaround & Outage (STO) Management

iGoalZERO STO Management solution serves as a web based, centralized digital system and reinforces team communication, organizes and manages processes, acts as a repository for important documents, and can easily integrate with other software tools to help manage your facility or plant shutdown, turnaround, or outage.

Tool and Equipment Tracking

iGoalZERO Tool and Equipment Tracking software facilitates the quick and accurate check out, track and return of tools, equipment and consumables from your tool room.

Shift Notes / Shift Handover

All shift operations are documented in real time and clearly present the information when the shift changes. Eliminate shift handover errors through improved communication with the iGoalZERO Shift Handover Solution.

Operator Rounds

iGoalZERO Operator Rounds Module allows for full traceability and transparency of records. It breaks down information silos and results in information accuracy and consistent procedure execution.

Car Seal Management

iGoalZERO Car Seal Module is designed to ensure that safety critical valves within the covered process are maintained in their safety critical position during normal system operation. If the position of a safety critical valve is to be changed, it provides a workflow that functions as an administrative control to make this change safely.

Reliability Management

iGoalZERO has designed a Reliability Management process that encompasses tools and procedures to ensure that an asset meets its reliability, operability, maintainability and safety requirements.

Maintenance Management

Our Maintenance Management System is the right tool to provide a centralized Equipment Repository while enabling the generation of work orders and management of related maintenance activities.

Meetings Management

iGoalZERO Meetings Management software streamlines all tasks associated with your meetings while maintaining audit ready records and ensuring compliance with common standards.

Project Management

iGoalZERO Project Management software streamlines the project management lifecycle from start to finish in order to drive performance improvements across your organization.

RFIs (Request for information)

Requests for Information (RFIs) can help a project run smoothly and on schedule, but they can also cause delays which can mean cost overruns and lost profit. iGoalZERO knows that timely RFI management is the key to good schedule management and overall project success.

Hold points & witness points

Using iGoalZERO, completing hold points and witness points and signing them off digitally is easy. Once filled in or completed and signed off, iGoalZERO workflows automatically notify the next person responsible for signing it off. This means less time spent waiting on approvals and more time spent moving projects forward.

Punch lists

iGoalZERO Punch List App adds both speed and structure to your closeout process. Run a better walkthrough process and assign work directly to the people responsible for getting things done.

Lessons Learned

iGoalZERO Lessons Learned is a platform to standardize the way you collect, store, share and reuse lessons learned. See how Lessons Learned can deliver real value and performance improvement with a robust and proven lessons learned process.

ITPs (Inspection Test Plans)

iGoalZERO helps you create, manage and communicate your Inspection Test Plans (ITPs). It ensures all of your ITPs are secure and properly controlled. With automated version control and audit trails, you can guarantee that all of your quality records are compliant and audit proof.

Field/Shop QA/QC

iGoalZERO QA/QC Module helps you track QA/QC steps in the field or in the supplier shop for all your purchase orders. Customers and suppliers can collaborate in this portal to define QA/QC requirements and then track by uploading task progress update, QA/QC results, reports and photos.

Field Job Progressing

You can import job steps or Primavera P6 tasks for a project, shutdown or turnaround and progress the jobs in the field or in the supplier shop. iGoalZERO provides a platform for real time visibility of job progress, productivity, cost and schedule.

Fleet Management

Manage your entire fleet maintenance as efficiently as possible. Never miss key dates with our intelligent scheduling system and store all documentation electronically. iGoalZERO offers a full suite of software solutions and applications related to the transport & logistics industry.


iGoalZERO users can print their secure digital identification card (ID) from their profile. The ID will contain key information and a unique QR code. This enables field workers to sign onto forms and sites by scanning their QR code which improves compliance and saves time.

Contractor Labor & Equipment Tracking

The iGoalZERO Platform delivers an automated process to track, control, manage, and reduce contractor labor, equipment, and materials spend. iGoalZERO analytics and automation, increases transparency, and saves an average of 15% on total contractor spend.

Gate Log Analytics

iGoalZERO offers a platform where you can interface and integrate your gate log data and leverage our platform for analytics on worker fatigue management, contractor labor hours management, rental equipment management, short service contractor safety management and many more functions.


iGoalZERO is the most flexible mobile job tracking software in the field. It helps you track timecards, manage project costs, and optimize your operations all in real time.

Knowledge Management

iGoalZERO Knowledge Management (KM) is the process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization. It refers to a multidisciplinary approach of achieving organizational objectives by making the best use of knowledge.

Digital Scaffolding

iGoalZERO Digital Scaffolding is designed to increase scaffold lifecycle visibility and simplify managing scaffolds in a manufacturing environment. This application handles the process of submitting new scaffold requests and maintaining data throughout the entire lifecycle (Plan, Scope, Execution, Inspection, Off-renting and Dismantling)

Digital Coating

iGoalZERO is a perfect industrial coatings certification compliance software, built for industrial painters by industrial painters. The utilization of our platform makes your coating projects significantly more efficient and profitable. Execution and compliance are easier with our built-in, industry-endorsed features.

Quality Incidents

iGoalZERO Incident Management Module is built to capture, track, investigate, analyze and report on all incidents including quality incidents. You can manage the entire incident lifecycle, improve visibility, identify root causes to reduce risk and prevent recurrence. Easily comply with all regulatory requirements and standards.

Product Management

iGoalZERO Product Management streamlines communication of product specifications and design documentation with suppliers through a centralized product library, ensuring quality and on time delivery of raw materials.

Shipping and Receiving Inspections

iGoalZERO Shipping, Receiving and Inspection Module allows you to consolidate shipping, receiving and inspections data in a single platform for more efficient tracking and reporting, enhancing operational performance.

Nonconformance Reporting

iGoalZERO Nonconformance Reporting enables you to efficiently capture data, report on internal and external non conformances, and create and drive corrective and preventative action plans for resolution.

Supplier Relationship Management

iGoalZERO Supplier Relationship Management allows companies to drive more valuable supplier relationships through more efficient management of all critical supplier information to ensure a high performing supply chain.

Monitoring and Measurement

iGoalZERO Monitoring and Measurement automates scheduling and tracking of equipment maintenance, calibrations, inspections and other processes linked to equipment and asset inventory.

Customer Complaints

iGoalZERO Customer Complaints Reporting enables identification of customer complaints quickly and easily to minimize the impact of customer escapes and gain enhanced visibility into common issues to mitigate the risk of recurrence.

Supplier Surveillance

iGoalZERO Supplier Surveillance Module helps organizations maintain their quality, safety and risk management processes. You can document supplier assessment protocol, assessment report, corrective action items and qualifications.

Contract Management

iGoalZERO Contract Management Module can be used to easily manage and monitor all contracts during the contract life cycle. By doing so you will be able to reduce costs and risks.

Audit Management

With iGoalZERO Audit Management software, organizations can streamline inspections, follow up processes, and corrective actions, and increase compliance. The intuitive audit application modules help eliminate operational redundancies and integrate audit functions amongst global teams with varying site needs.

Corrective Actions

A comprehensive cloud software solution that simplifies the assignment, tracking, follow up and completion of corrective actions to ensure compliance and promote accountability.

Policies and Procedures

A cloud based application, iGoalZERO gives everyone in your organization, regardless of location, direct and immediate access to the policies and procedures they need to fulfill their obligations in accordance with your standards.

Customer Management

iGoalZERO Customer Management software application provides a complete solution to manage all your customer’s information and records as well as facilitating the evaluation of customer performance and associated performance ratings.

Training Management

iGoalZERO gives you the tools you need to easily schedule, deploy, verify and document training across your entire organization through a cloud based system.

Certification Tracking

iGoalZERO is an advanced certification tracking, and compliance management software. Track unlimited certifications, receive automatic expiration alerts via email and text message, upload electronic documents, set up compliance rules and collections and so much more!

Global Approved Provider System (GAPS)

iGoalZERO GAPS Module helps you manage global supplier list, contact information, maintain their range of qualifications, ratings, assessment results, non conformances and communication logs.

Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

iGoalZERO LIMS software is designed to improve lab productivity and efficiency, by keeping track of data associated with samples, experiments, laboratory workflows, and instruments. It automates workflows and tracks all the important sample information, data, workflows, and QA/QC results your lab generates each day.

Food Safety

iGoalZERO Food Safety software unlocks better visibility into your supply chain. Whether it’s compliance documentation, second- or third-party audits, or communications with your supplier network – iGoalZERO brings it all under a single, unified platform for food safety management.